Game Crashes/Looses Textures when resized

Game Crashes/Looses Textures when resized

Postby conathan » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:15 pm ... penGL.html

at the bottom, it says

Under certain circumstances, the loaded textures, geometry or other OpenGL data are lost

On some platforms (ex: Windows), various events (going to fullscreen, switching to another application, etc.) lead to loosing the OpenGL context. For example, you may loose OpenGL textures and/or other OpenGL state data as a result of reopening the OpenGL context. Also, certain backends can loose hardware surfaces at any time, because the operating system steals the VRAM back whenever it wants to. It happens usually when the user switches to another application.

The only work-around is to reload the OpenGL context whenever it gets lost.


seems to match the problems we have on windows when resized
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