Planned Feature - Blocks (planetary environments & Starbase)

Planned Feature - Blocks (planetary environments & Starbase)

Postby conathan » Fri May 20, 2011 3:07 pm

Planets are going to be made out of blocks. You can tunnel under the surface, or build on top.
Starbases are also made out of blocks, although this will be used more for architecture.

Each block will have the following attributes. The more attributes I add, the more memory blocks will take.
-[8]Texture (from 0-255)
-[3]Solid (from 0-7). The more solid the block is, the harder it is to walk through it.
-[4]Height (from 0-15). The height of a block.
-Weight (unknown range). Used for liquids and gasses
-user editable

I am going to use runlength encoding vertically, so if you have 5 of the same block in a tower, it uses up the same amount of memory as 1 block. For the starbase, I have one level, with a few walls. It should work well. Hopefully if I don't make planets too high, it'll work fine there as well.

I am going to borrow some inspiration from science, and allow the following
- Solids: do not move
- Liquids: Even themselves out north, west, east, south, and down. If there is a difference, it will round up.
- Gasses: spreads out in all directions.

There are going to be multiple solids, liquids, and gasses. If they flow, heavier things will go below lighter things.

- Dirt
- Water
- Oxygen (perhaps this can be used to determine habitability of a planet, or life support. Especially as it can get consumed)
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