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In Progress - Starbase

PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 3:55 pm
by conathan
The starbase is where users will initially start after they login. You will have a character that can walk around using wasd.

In the starbase, you can use to visit the following area's:
- Shops (not yet thought out)
- Hangerbay (to go to the solarsystem/adventure game. Not yet started)
- Arcade (Conquest minigame (and others), WIP)
- SynthRoom - Place where people can build things with blocks, not sure how elaborate I am going to make this, but it will be the same tools I will use to create the starbase.

I plan for this to replace the current games list.

The starbase is going to be a hallway, with rooms you can enter.

Within the hallway, the camera will have a fixed y and z, but follow the sprite along the x axis (Simular to a Side Scrolling model).
Upon entering a room, the camera will move to a overhead view.